The Application Process

How do I apply?

Applications went live on the 22nd July and the final deadline is the 18th September. An online application form is available here. Hopeful participants will be asked to answer five brief questions in order to learn a bit about them. They will then be invited to attend a selection event on the 1st or 2nd October. Everyone will gain something from the experience and we are keen to see that no-one leaves empty handed. Every applicant will achieve the Media and Public Relations Badge as well as have the opportunity to practice team building and interview techniques which will come in useful for future UCAS and Job Applications. The event will last about half a day and the interview will be a 10min informal conversation.

*An offline version in Word or PDF is also available for download here.

Why is there an application process?

We are anticipating that the trip is going to be extremely popular and we want to ensure everyone who goes will get the most value from the experience. We want to make sure the contingent is representative of the District and everyone gets a fair chance of attending. We are also keen to see those who have not had an international experience before the opportunity to attend.


How much will the trip cost?

The base fee for the Jamboree its self is set at 2600 NOK (about £215) per participant for Scouts, Leaders and Rovers inclusive of meals during the Jamboree. However this does not include travel costs, insurance, expenses during home hospitality, pocket money, rental of camping equipment, a special UK Necker and Badge, Maps, Sim Cards for adults and the two practice camps prior the the event. We are still pricing up full cost of the trip but expecting it to cost roughly £1100 per participant and will require in the region of £33,000 worth of fundraising.

How will the trip be funded?

Parents will be asked to pay a deposit (approx 10%) to show their commitment to the project. Seed funding will be provided by the District using the International fund to cover upfront costs with the intention that the full balance and international fund replenished through group fundraising. Rather than burdening individuals with fundraising for themselves, this will be a group effort.

Do I have to fundraise?

We have decided to encourage fundraising as a group as it teaches young people the value of money, hardwork and instil a sense of achievement upon completion. It will also lessen the financial burden on families on low incomes and make the trip accessible to everyone.

How can I donate to the project?

We will be launching online crowdfunding soon. In the meantime if you are interested in donating please contact the organising team nord2017@merseyweaverscouts.org.uk

We’re interested in some commercial or corporate sponsor in exchange for logos on our hoodies, promo materials, press articles and website. If you know any companies which may be interested, please put them in touch.

You can also support international Scouting in the District through our District Scout Shop. Whether it’s your uniform or a cool new i.Scout hoodie, part of the profit will go towards sending young people on once in a lifetime trips abroad.


What funding is available?

There are a number of Funds available from both in and outside of Scouting, here’s just a few examples:

International Hardship Fund

The International Hardship Fund is a grant-giving fund managed by Scout HQ to enable adults and young people in hardship to travel abroad and access activities to support the global programme within Scouting.

Any member of The Scout Association with a particular financial need can apply; (defined as the difference between what it costs to attend and what the applicant can afford to pay). Priority will be given to individuals who fulfil one or more of the criteria: Young Carers, Child/Young Person in care, Recent death of Parent (within 12 months), In receipt of Job Seekers Allowance/Benefits, Convalescence after illness, In receipt of Free School Meals, Physical/mental health issues (applicants own), Recent redundancy (of applicant or next of kin, within 12 months), Total household income level below £23,000, Young person in Part Time work (less time to fundraise), Young person in need of additional support in the form of a carer whilst abroad.

HQ may fund up to 50% of the cost of the trip, up to a maximum of £1000, per individual. This is capped at £10,000 per application.

For more info https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/4233

Milly Apthorp Fund

The Milly Apthorp Fund is a grant-giving benevolent fund also managed by UK Scouting to enable adults and young people in hardship to travel abroad within Scouting and Guiding. Both adults and young people are eligible for this fund.

The International Team promote adventurous, innovative, high-quality visits abroad. The Milly Apthorp Fund ensures that cost is not a barrier to young people and leaders in accessing these transformational projects.

For more info https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/4235/

Erasmus for all

This is an EU programme, which  will run from 2014 through to 2020. It has a budget line of €14.7 billion with the aim of involving 4 million Europeans to strengthen Europe’s cultural, linguistic and educational affinities.

For more info https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/4234/


Is there an minimum age?

Yes to be a part of the contingent you will need to be at least 12 years old on or before the 1st July 2017. If you miss this date by a week or two please reach out to us as we may be flexible subject to an endorsement from your Scout Leader.

What provision is there for young people with special needs?

As with all aspects of Scouting we aim to be fully inclusive. We will make every effort to ensure all young people with physical, psychological impairments or learning difficulties  who want to go on the trip are given the opportunity to do so.

The Experience

What will be gained from the experience?

A better understanding of Scouts from other countries. The chance the immerse yourself in another culture and make friends for life. As well as satisfying  some of the requirements of some of the highest awards in Scouting such as the Queen Scout Award.

Who is leading the event?

The contingent is being led by Oliver Chambers (ADC Adventure), Fiona Barry (Scout Leader – 1st Helsby), Dex Whitmore (ADC Cubs), Charlie Wakefield (ASL – 1st Halton), James Campbell (Skills Instructor – 1st Helsby) and supported by Owen Campbell (District Commissioner), Colin Chambers (Deputy District Commissioner), Joana Sousa (District Scout Network Commissioner), Rob Council (District Explorer Scout Commissioner) and many other members of the District and Explorer teams. Interested in helping us prepare, train or fundraise for the camp? Get in touch!

How will we get there?

The Jamboree organisers are encouraging participants to arrive and depart using two different modes of transport.  At this moment in time we anticipate that we will fly from Manchester to Oslo and then on to Bodø. We are also looking at other modes of transport such as train, sailing boat, ferry or maybe even bikes!

What will the weather be like?

Summers in Bodø are usually mild and dry averaging between 12ºC and highs of 18ºC. From 4th June to 8th July the sun never sets, providing a unique and spectacular 24 hours of sunlight!

What Activities will there be?

Everything you would expect from a Jamboree and more. With amazing mountains, fjords and wilderness on the doorstep expect some incredible outdoor activities!

What’s expected of participants?

We are expecting a good level of commitment from participants and parents with regards to preparation and the fundraising for the event. A high level of behaviour will be expected as participants are will not only be representing Scouting locally but Nationally.

What preparation will there be?

We will be running some events and camps to prepare the contingent for the activities and cultural differences so that our participants are able to make the most of their time away. The biggest challenge will be catering as Norwegian Scouts are expected to cook for themselves (with a little guidance) – we’re planning on running some fun ready steady cook type competitions and other training events to tackle issues like this! We will be running a workshop for parents and participants on how best to fundraise with advice coming from parents, participants and leaders of the WSJ2015 Contingent.

What is Home Hospitality?

It is the ultimate cultural crossover that also offers a great opportunity to make some fantastic friends from around the world. Scouting’s vast international community offers plenty of scope to explore other countries, live with a local host and really get to know the local culture. All families are properly vetted prior to the event. For more info about HH please read the factsheet here.


What are the arrangements for Food?

Every day, each group will collect groceries at a depot, and prepare the meals themselves. Typical Norwegian camp food is sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and hot dinners such as casseroles, curry, salmon, and hamburgers. Water will be available from stan pipes across the site. If you are a vegetarian or have an allergy alternative meals will be made available.

Food is included in the participation fee.

There will also be cafés and kiosks at the camp centre.

I’m in Network, what is the drinking policy on the camp?

Norwegian scout camps are alcohol free, and drinking alcohol at the jamboree is strictly prohibited for everyone including over 18s. Anyone who drinks alcohol at the camp may be expelled.

Will I need a Passport?

Yes. To enter Norway you will need a valid passport. If you do not hold British or EU/EEA Citizenship please contact the team to find out whether you will need to apply for a VISA. If you do not currently own a passport but interested in going please do not see this a barrier to signing up.

What happens if there is an emergency during the trip or back at home?

We will have a support team in place back in the UK ready to deal with any emergency or disaster at home or abroad and coordinate a response. Parents will be able to contact the Leader in charge through this support team. We will be arranging comprehensive travel insurance for both our young people and adults. As you would expect the leadership team are working to ensure the experience is not only incredibly fun but also safe.

I noticed the dates are during term time. Will I be able to get the time off School?

We are working with local Headteachers, Governors and Local Authorities to allow students the time off School. We are expecting due to the educational value of the trip there will not be any objection. Conversations with Schools thus far have been positive. We are also not expecting the trip to clash with any exams. With the very last few GCSEs, AS and A2 exams for all examination boards having concluded by the 30th June.

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